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Hallie Mavis


e-globalTrading - Market Intelligence - Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals   


Energy instruments, as any other asset which price is determined by supply an demand interaction, can be traded either physically or financially through exchanges electronic operation. The corresponding prices can be tracked through technical analysis platforms to identify price trends and possible potential shifts for those existing trends.

e-globalTrading offers a unique SMART Alerts Service to anticipate potential big moves from the beginning of a new trend for energy instruments such crude oil, natural gas, naphtha and petrochemicals.

Our e-globalTrading SMART ALGO SYSTEM for Energy and Petrochemicals price forecast provides a high probability visual price trends prediction, as well as our SMART BUY/SELL Alerts, to precisely show when a high momentum-sustained price movement starts to develop. The corresponding SMART algorithmic system was developed to be executed on MetaStock platform, the most powerful and sophisticated technical analysis trading platform.

The e-globalTrading SILVER and GOLD services are certainly the best Market Intelligence AI-based System available in the marketplace for the chemical and plastic sectors, specially tailored for industry professionals, who are not financial experts. We also offer the PLATINUM service for the financial staff, which includes the MetaStock R/T Real Time platform lifetime license.

The system is absolutely self-explicative, and at the same time, it shows how the predicted price trends and the SMART Alerts really performed in the past. 

To learn more about e-globalTrading services and prices click HERE.                                                                                         

Chart provided by MetaStock, Data provided by Xenith - Refinitiv, Alerts provided by e-globalTrading