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TradingVest features TradingTotal USA

TradingTotal is a unique technology-based proposal for the trading of financial markets dedicated to active independent traders.

TradingTotal offers a broad range of proprietary products and services such as automated and discretionary trading systems, as well as a comprehensive educational trading program with strong focus on futures, stocks and ETFs technical trading. Major platforms such as NinjaTrader, MetaStock and Eikon-Xenith, Refinitiv are supported by TradingTotal.

The TradingTotal educational program is carried out through an intense sequence of online/onsite LIVE Seminars, EDUHOME Video recorded Seminars, LIVE Webinars, educational videos, case study discussions, supportive coaching, and a unique individual Mentoring Program, all presented in English, native Spanish and native Portuguese. The referred educational program includes 4 EDUHOME Seminars of approximately 40+ hours of VIDEO covering the classic principles of technical analysis, advanced technical analysis strategies, gaps trading, and futures trading with special focus on our TradingTotal Automated Trading Systems. TradingTotal is one of the most comprehensive full trading program available in the marketplace for independent traders.

TradingTotal AutoTrader Automated Trading System for NinjaTrader 

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TradingTotal Basic Concepts

Time Is Money
Stay Focused
Money Management
Finding Your Comfort Zone
Time is money

Time was always money, but now is even more money if we are talking about trading and technology

You probably already realized that current technology evolution is a really fast phenomenon.

 In the past, the dilemma was whether to test try-error methodology before deciding to invest some money in trading education. Today, that dilemma is practically extinct because time is precisely our more scarce resource and probably, you will never reach your goal alone, because things in technological trading

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Stay Focused

You probably already heard that you have to be focused during the whole trading session. Let me tell you that you have to be focused not only during your specific trading period. You have to be focused before your trading session, during your trading session and after your trading session.

All these periods must be covered in your trading plan. There is no problem because you do have a trading plan, right? Or don’t you have it? Oh, you have it but you didn’t finish it!

If you don’t have a complete trading plan, you cannot even think on trading. The only way to stay focus is to clearly define what you want to trade, when and how.

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Money Management

Inexperienced traders frequently forget a very important topic when they build their first trading plan. Yes, we are talking about the “money management” chapter.
We don’t blame them, because sometimes they even  clearly know the difference between management or “technical management” and the referred “money management” concept.
When we refer to “technical management” we are talking about the set of technical rules and technical routines with the  specific objective to manage an existing open position. When we refer to “money management” we are talking about the set of rules and policies related to preserve capital and profits during a larger period of time.

Money management is always referred to a larger period of time, for example, the current trading session, the 
current trading morning, or the current trading week period.

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Finding your comfort zone

After so many years teaching technical trading to hundreds of traders and investors  as well as  coaching and mentoring active traders, let me tell you what I learned and obviously, what I always  try to teach to our TradingTotal  students: The most important thing is to provide and transfer the necessary knowledge and experience to help traders to discover how they are happy as  traders, to help them to find their “comfort zone”, their “sweet spot”.

This process implies to define the trading style, the  type of instruments to be traded and  the trader’s risk profile,  according to every particular situation in order to create a self confident trader very happy to wake up early in the morning to start  his/her trading activities.

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