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Shandong Polymer Additives, a world class manufacturer of Impact Modifiers and auxiliaries for the PVC industry, selected AmericaPlast as its exclusive distribution channel for the Americas area.

The company produces a broad range of solutions portfolio such as AIM, MBS, CPE, lubricants, processing aids, foaming regulators, etc. Polymer additives has 3 production facilities in China to cover local and international markets.

  •       CPE 135 A/B
  •         Acrylic Chlorinated PE, CPA-90, CPA-80
  •      MBS 200, MBS 300
  •         AIM-55, AIM-50
  •      Acrylic Processing aids, P-175, P-125, P-20, P-700                                                                                       
  •      Foaming Regulators P-520, P-600, P-801
  •      Lead Stabilizers, Lead LS-35, LS-25
  •         Ca-Zn Stabilizers, cs-60, cs-50

Polymer Additives takes quality very seriously,

  • Strict raw material control
  • Automatic production equipment
  • Central control system
  • Fully automated packing system
  • Consistent quality batch by batch

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