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A simple daily moving average analysis can give us a very reliable source of risk management during our intraday trading planning period.

Short term and long term moving averages always provide a classic reference for daily and intraday traders. Classic methodology prefers a defined daily trend for swing trading, but moving averages also provide an excellent support to manage risk for intraday traders.

Let us take a look at the a crude oil daily chart (06/09/2020) to see what we are talking about.

 1 Introduction

Trading moving averages have been one of the preferred classic strategies in any time frame and with any instrument. It doesn’t matter if you are willing to trade stocks, futures or any other instrument either intraday or in a daily or weekly time frame. The simplicity of trading a clearly defined event, such as a moving average cross for example, is an invitation to trade long/or short the considered instrument.

TradingTotal advocates the intense use of moving averages in many different ways, and now, ...…. 

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When a high probability pattern shows up during the premarket session, the average trader has the impulse to take the position as soon as the market opens.

Very often the high odds pattern makes a strong reversal as the market is going into the first reversal time at 9:35 AM breaking the LOD/HOD, depending if it is a long or short trade.

One of the possible reasons for this reversal is that a lot of people already inside the trade, are closing the position, taking the money of the table practically at the same time.

This profits-taken action, makes the “high probability” pattern look like failing the original direction and as the time goes by, the pattern retakes the original high odds direction, creating a very frustrating sensation on the average trader.