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Educational Approach

Technological Approach

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Discretionary Trading Systems for NinjaTrader

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Technological Approach

TradingTotal offers a unique innovative and collaborative educational methodology based in a combination of its traditional technical analysis program composed by a set of 4 Seminars of  8-20 hrs. each, a set of technological tools and systems, as well as a complete technological resources arsenal totally integrated to the classic learning program.

As the 2000’s moved forward, traditional handcraft trading became in some way obsolete for certain type of instruments like futures and certain ETF’s, for example.  Based on that situation, TradingTotal decided to scale-up its successful traditional teaching methodology incorporating a revolutionary approach consisting in integrating a whole set of proprietary technological systems and tools to the classic sequence of conventional education based on online/onsite seminars and courses.

This incorporation allowed to use the technical system and tools to accelerate the learning process as the technical system “teaches” the student, as he/she uses it, a lot of concepts and routines detailing and alerting the set ups as they show up in real time.

At the same time, we focus the traditional technical analysis concepts to the necessary knowledge to full fill the technical tools working process.

Additionally, a new technological routine was added to the intense personalized coaching program, the passive coaching, consisting in adding a new technological routine for a 24/7 coaching presence:  online supervision through real time Google + hangout and others, enabling the coach to observe the student working real time and alone, with the chance to provide  real time coaching and/or delayed coaching as the action is being recorded.

This technological educational approach has an extraordinary influence over the time with a dramatic impact on the student learning curve reducing the learning process in about 50% compared to the traditional learning method.

Trading Total is completing its full educational program, in average, in about 6-8 months with students with no experience in trading.

The Educational Program is formed by the following elements:

•4 Seminars : Classic Set-Ups and Fakes (10 hrs.), Trading Gaps (8 hrs.), Advanced Trading (20hrs.) and Trading Futures (8 hrs.)

•Coaching Groups : twice a week 60 min each

•Passive Coaching : 24/7  on Google+ Hangout and others

•TradingTotal Open Channel Internet TV

•Case Studies Library

•Workshops and mini Webinars Video Gallery

•Mentoring Program: one on one  60 min sessions with ta TradingTotal Mentor

1990 Main Street Suite 750, Sarasota, FL 34236 -USA